A Brief History of a New Era


First Launching of Sandals with the Brand of New Era

With the utmost in professional ethnics, unity and discipline, a master plan for NewEra was drawn up to launch the NewEra brand which was well received by the public following accurate analysis and recombinatons feom our marketing, research and development teams.


Building the Brand Image of New Era

Based on 1996 achievement, our performance become focused. We kept on developing our brand equity backed by market-friendly Research & Development team to succeed the brand image of NewEra for sandalswith best quality and model.


Impact of the Economic Crisis

The regional economic crisis was beginning to make many shoes and sandals producers inactive. This created a demand for NewEra products which continued to rise significantly as the company expanded its market while at the same time differentiating into wider segmented market.


The Development of NewEra in Various Products

Under the solid, dedicated and high motivated management team, NewEra experienced a fast improvement by market demand enabling us to produce a wider range of various product which strengthened NewEra as the brand for all ages in the middles segment


Dominating Domestic Market

In this period, we continued to increase our production capacity as well and expanded our distribution network throughout Indonesia, covering Java, Bali, Sumatera, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. The efficient and on time distribution system became the basis of the company with a vision to increase market share internationally


Strategic Steps into Global Era

Towards the AFTA in 2004. Indonesia is one among the many countries thet has a big opportunity to enter South East Asia markets. For NewEra, this is a golden opportunity to spread its wings globally. With a strong dominace in local market, NewEra is committed to being a major player in the footwear industry of South East Asia region.

With an enterprising attitude to business and a passion for innovation, New Era is one of the world leading footwear companies. Established since 1996 , New Era Group is a leading footwear of a full range of shuoes and sandalas in the over 210 million consumer market of Indonesia . NewEra’s quality  and modern designs  are consistently popular with consumer and ensure NewEra’s place as a market leader.

The company also export to major consumer markets from Africa to the South Amerika . NewEra’s products are available globally to the billions of consumers in the middle and lower price markets.

Journey into New Era of Global Brand


To Build New Era as an International brand with strong brand awareness in South East Asia


  • To develop our products that exceed our customers expectation
  • To create mutual benefits in building strong cooperation and alliance
  • To provide the best value to the shareholders and employees